Libya Day :Program

Libya is a guest of honor

Mediterranean salon 16 for construction

“Libya Day”

Under the slogan “Tunisian-Libyan Partnership Projects and the Reconstruction of Libya”

7 October  2021


Symposium 1: Housing, utilities and infrastructure projects in Libya

View the most important residential projects
Presentation of the most important projects in the field of utilities and infrastructure
Conditions for participation in the completion of facilities projects and approved standards
Ways to access housing and utilities projects


Housing and Utilities Projects Execution Authority, Libya
Ministry of Housing and Utilities, Libya
The Libyan Association of Investors and the Libyan National Program for Housing Provision – Libya
A number of the most important Libyan municipalities (Tripoli, Misurata, Benghazi, Sebha…)
The National Center for Standardization and Standardization, Libya
Tunisian Investment Authority

Symposium 2: Developing the mechanisms of economic partnership between Tunisia and Libya

Co-investment development
Development of banking and monetary cooperation
Development of transportation and logistics services
Launching a Tunisian-Libyan commercial networking system


Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Tunisia
Ministry of Economy and Trade, Libya
Ministry of Transport, Libya
Ministry of Transport and Logistics, Tunisia
Central Bank, Tunisia
Central Bank, Libya
Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, Tunisia
Libyan Authority for Investment Promotion and Privatization Affairs, Libya
Libyan Industry Confederation
General Federation of Libyan Chambers of Commerce and Agriculture
Libyan Free Zones
Intervention of an expert on Libyan affairs: (proposed by Dr. Rafe’ al-Tabib)

Prospects for Tunisian-Libyan economic cooperation and the development of a joint strategy to target foreign markets

Workshop on : Financing and Implementation of Housing, Infrastructure and Utilities Projects

With the participation of a number of Libyan and Tunisian banks and banks
And a group of Libyan investment bodies


Libya Foreign Bank
North African International Bank
Tunisian Libyan Bank
Libyan Investment Authority
Alinma Financial Investment Holding Company, Libya

Libya Day :Presentation

Libya Day

October 7, 2021

Libya guest of honor

Libya,The sister country, occupies a prominent place in the 16th session of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition (Medibat 2021), which will be held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax from 6 to 9 October 2021, where it will be the guest of honor for this session.

Within the general program of the salon, the Chamber allocated a day for Libya to be held on October 7 under the slogan “Tunisian-Libyan Partnership Projects and the Reconstruction of Libya” with the participation of a number of Libyan and Tunisian banks, a group of Libyan investment bodies and senior officials from the two countries.

This will conclude the activities of this day.

RDC Day: Program

Democratic Republic of Congo Day

Friday 08 October 2021

Inauguration of the day by Mr. MUABILU PIUS,

Minister of State in the DRC


11:20-11:30 : Presentation of the Congolese delegation and presentation of the potential of the DRC, Mr. MBONYO LIHUMBA HERMAN, President of the DRC-Tunisia mixed chamber


12h00-12h10 : Presentation of the major construction projects of the province of Maimdombe, Mr. MBOMBAKA BOKOSO JACKS, Governor of Maimdombe


12: 10-12: 20 : Presentation of the major construction projects of the Kongo Centrale province, Mr. BIDI NDOMA BIDAS, Provincial Minister in charge of infrastructure


12h20-12h40: Presentation of the major construction projects of the city of Kinshasa, Mr. MUNSINI MBAKALA AMEDEE, President of the CCI KINSHASA-TUNISIA


12h50-1h00: Presentation of major construction projects in the province of Kwilu, Mr. KUYANGANA MBONGO JACQUES


1h10  – 1h20 : Presentation of the architectural model of the DRC, Mr. M’PUTU BANGU Patrick, Architect-RDC


13h20-13h30: Presentation of major projects on town planning and housing, Mr MUABILU PIUS, Minister of State – Minister of Town planning and Housing DRC.