Press Release N ° 2:

16th edition of MEDIBAT (Sfax, 6-9 October 2021):

Final preparations and more than 20 countries confirm their presence at the 30th anniversary edition


The final preparations for the 16th edition of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition MEDIBAT to be organized by the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS) from October 6 to 9, 2021 augur well for a session that will perform well despite the pandemic.
One month before the event which will transform Sfax into a real world capital of the building, more than 20 countries have already confirmed their presence while almost all the spaces of the exhibition have been reserved by the Tunisian exhibitors. and foreigners still showing the same enthusiasm for the show which will be marked, this time, by a celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of its creation.
Likewise, the show will be enhanced by the presence of several high-level ministers and delegations from different countries such as Libya and Cameroon (2 guests of honor), Algeria, Sudan, the Democratic Republic Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Gabon, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Venezuela.

The Salon program will include, like previous editions, a series of events parallel to the exhibition, namely the Economic Forum, the Scientific Forum, the Entrepreneurship Forum, the Circles and the Innovation Village and the Country Days, in addition to a major event celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Show.
Guest of honor, Libya will be at the heart of a day devoted to it, which will revolve around the theme “Tunisian-Libyan partnership projects and the reconstruction of Libya”.
Finally, it should be noted that the 16th edition of MEDIBAT coincides with the launch by the CCIS of a new instant communication tool: the MOBILE APPLICATION.
This application, which is available on Google Play and App Store, allows economic operators not only to follow CCIS news, but also to benefit from other services such as obtaining access badges to the MEDIBAT Fair.

Press Release N ° 1:

The CCIS launches the 16th session of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition MEDIBAT 2021 and celebrates the 30th anniversary of this international event Sfax, October 6-9, 2021

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax (CCIS) launched the 16th session of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition MEDIBAT 2021 which will be held in Sfax from October 6 to 9, 2021. A session which will be marked by the 30th anniversary of this international event (MEDIBAT 1991 / MEDIBAT 2021).

The progress of this major biennial business meeting of international scope is accelerating and the first signs point to an exceptional session both at the organizational level and at the level of the foreign presence.

The prominent place that MEDIBAT now occupies in the agenda of professional events in the construction sector, nationally and internationally, is confirmed from one session to the next. As evidenced by this, four months before the event, the general reservation rate exceeding 90% for large buildings in the exhibition space, with significant foreign participation including: a France Pavilion labeled by Business France, a Czech Pavilion, a Libya Pavilion, a Cameroon Pavilion, in addition to the reservation of stands from Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Spain and Ukraine.

In addition, there is a considerable number of foreign countries representing twelve delegations from the DRC, Algeria, Mali, Sudan, Japan, South Africa, Gabon, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Chad.

The program for the new session, like previous editions, will include a Country Day dedicated to Libya and four Forums: an Economic Forum, a Scientific Forum, an Entrepreneurship Forum and an innovation village and circles.