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MEDIBAT from 04th to 07th of October 2023 in Sfax

Date : from 06 to 09 of October 2021
Place: SFAX – Habib Bourguiba Avenue- 3000 SFAX – TUNISIA
Periodicity : biennial
Exhibition Surface: 20.000 sqm

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax is pleased to invite you to the 17th session of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition MEDIBAT from 04th to 07th of October 2023 in Sfax -Tunisia.

As a center of attraction for professional builders and innovators in the field, MEDIBAT has always been a real federative Business Village for the most prestigious building corporations and international organizations of the construction industry. It is a privileged meeting place for important foreign delegations, contractors, architects and initiators of major projects.



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03/ 2017
Remarkable Venezuelan participation

The 16th edition of MEDIBAT will have a remarkable presence from Venezuela. Indeed, in addition to the participation in the exhibition, this Latin American country will be represented in this biennial meeting of the building by the presence of its Minister of People’s Power of Housing Mr. Ildemaro Villarroel who will participate in the economic forum (the October 8) and will present an intervention on “The Great Mission Housing Venezuela to guarantee the social right of housing and the technique of“ petrocasas ”(petromaisons)”.
Mr. Villarroel, will present the conceptual aspects of the creation and development of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela which has built more than 3,700,000 houses in the country, to guarantee the right to housing of the population. It will also present the challenges posed by the land issue and financing, while highlighting the development of the national construction industry and the increase in the production capacities of construction materials, in particular the technique of “petrocasas” (petro- houses, houses made with materials derived from petroleum).

Other news :
Mar. 2017
The first Tunisian-Libyan sectoral forum in the field of building and public works – June 29, 2021

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructures and the Libyan Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax, organized the “First Tunisian-Libyan Sector Forum” June 29, 2021, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Tripoli and several Tunisian professional structures : the Order of Engineers, the Order of Architects and the National Federation of Building Contractors and Public Works (FNEBTP), of the UTICA, under the slogan « The Role of studies and Consulting Offices in the Success of Major Projects »

During the inauguration of this forum, the Tunisian Minister of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructures Kamal Doukh underlined the promotion of bilateral cooperation in the fields of planning, housing, construction and public works, with emphasis on Tunisian skills that are ready to provide their expertise to support the reconstruction projects in Libya. At the same time, the Minister reviewed some statistics relating to the actors of the building and public works sector in Tunisia, (6,500 construction and public works companies, 400 design offices and consulting engineers, 2,800 architects and 160 experts in land measurement and cadastre experts). All these skills are highly qualified, willing to bring their acquired expertise in the projects of reconstruction of Libya.

Experiences of Tunisian institutions specializing in building, construction and urban and environmental planning were presented, such as « the Real Estate Agency for Housing », « Urban Rehabilitation and Renovation Agency », the « Libyan Engineering Professions », and many Municipalities.

It was also suggested by a group of participants in the discussion session, the achievement of a twinning between the Tunisian and Libyan municipalities, which will serve as a starting point for the exchange of experiences, and a framework for the implementation of projects  to coordinate and develop data exchange, between professional engineering structures from the two countries.

The forum’s program included workshops and panel discussions on the theme of urban development, strategic planning, urban rehabilitation, the role of design offices and the implementation of suspended projects.

It also included a dialogue platform, which represented a space for discussion and interactive dialogue and a networking opportunity between the Tunisian and Libyan parties.

This meeting resulted in the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding, on June 30, 2021, between the Tunisian Order of Engineers and the General Union of Engineering Trades in Libya.

Mar. 2017
Tunisian participation in the fourth session « Libya Construction Expo » June 28 – July 1, 2021

As part of the implementation of the program developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sfax with Libya aimed at reviving and strengthening economic relations between the two countries, the CCIS organized, between June 28 and 1 July 2021 Tunisian participation in the fourth session of “Libya Construction Expo” at the Tripoli International Fair, in collaboration with the International Society of Congresses and Exhibitions and, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the Ministry of Housing and Construction of Libya and, the General Federation of Libyan Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

In addition to the Libyan ministers, the inauguration of the Salon was ensured by the Tunisian ministers Mr. Mohamed Bou Said, Minister of Trade and Export Development and Acting Minister of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies, and by Mr. Kamal Doukh, Minister of Equipment, Housing and Infrastructure. In addition to H.E.M. Asaad Al-Ajili, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia in Tripoli and Mr. Ridha Fourati, President of the CCIS.

The program of “Libya Construction Expo 2021” focused particularly on the exhibition, as the number of Tunisian exhibitors exceeded 120 companies operating in various sectors of construction, public works and other related sectors, over an area of approximately 1,500 square meters. The Tunisian participation is distinct from the rest of the countries, considering that the total number of exhibitors has reached 270.

We note also, the significant participation of 100 engineers and architects from the Order of Tunisian Engineers and the Order of Architects, with the aim of establishing a partnership between Tunisia and Libya in the engineering sector in general, architecture, construction and related sectors in particular.

The sectoral Forum was also a fundamental pillar of the event, in addition to the business meetings, held by the exhibitors with professionals and Libyan businessmen and with some Libyan municipalities representing the Western Libya.

The President of Sfax Chamber had, also held several fruitful meetings with high-ranking Libyan officials, in order to prepare the distinguished participation of Libya in the Mediterranean building exhibition, as a guest of honor “MEDIBAT 2021” in its extraordinary session, during which, the thirtieth of this important international event will be celebrated.

Exhibition Program




The Entrepreneurship Forum
Franchise as a lever for development of the building sector


8:30 am

Registration of participants



Official opening of the Forum
Speech by Mr Ridha Fourati, President of the CCIS



Panel 1 :Tools and mechanisms for training and coaching offered for developers in the building sector * Professional training for entrepreneurship and job creation in the IMCCV sector: the case of plaster. Presented by Mr Yacine KHEMIRI from CTMCCV & Mr Mohamed BEN ALI from NTCONSULTING
* The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Presented by Mr Omar Bouzouada, CEO of APII
* The National Mines Office, Presented by Mr Khaled Othmen,
* The Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training ATFP
* Mébât Initiative, Presented by Mr Abdelhamid Guesmi Director of the Mahres Training and Learning Center


10h00-10h30 :

Panel 2 :
The Tunisian Context of Franchising in the Construction Sector
* Legal framework of franchising in the building sector in Tunisia, Presented by Maitre Ismail Ben Messaoud, Lawyer
* The role of franchising as a tool in the development of the building sector, Case of France, Presented by Ms. Rose Marie Less, French Federation of Franchise


10:30 am-11:30am:

Panel 3 :
Presentation of franchisors in the building sector
* Remax, Presented by Mr Tarek Thabet, DG
* Wintech, Presented by Mr Slim Jouini, CEO
* A turnkey project”, Presented by Ms. Faten Hathroubi, SIPS
* SOTECA, Presented by Ms. Hana Hakim
* SOIB, Presented by Mr Abdelmalek Ghannem, DG,
* SIKA, Presented by Mr Walid Souai


11:30 am-12:30pm

Panel 4 :
Funding mechanisms for franchise projects
Moderator: Mr Hamdi Ksiaa
* The BFPME, Presented by Mr Hamdi Ksiaa, Director of Assistance, Identification and Development.
* Tamweeli, Presented by Mr Richard Finke
* BTS, Presented by Ms. Amira Hamden
* Baobab Tunisia, Presented by Marwen Ghrabi, Regional Manager on Sfax
* CFE, Presented by Mrs. Sahar Abdelmalek



Panel 5 :
Opening of Workshops and B2B Meetings between franchisors and future franchisees



* Workshop N1: Project ideas in the building sector
انجز مشروعك “مكتب دراسات”: من الفكرة إلى الإنجاز
* Workshop N2: Project ideas in the building franchise sector
ورشة أفكار مشاريع الفرانشيز في قطاع البناء
* Workshop N3: Tools and training programs for young people
برامج و أليات التكوين و التدريب الخاصة بالباعثين الشبان
*Workshop N4: Franchise financing mechanisms اليات و برامج التمويل مشاريع الفرانشيز
*Workshop N5: B to B Matchmaking (Creation of representations in the regions)اليات و برامج التمويل مشاريع الفرانشيز


2:30 p.m.

End of the day


  • 9.00H – 13.00H

Scientific Forum: City, Building and Construction 4.0

The Scientific Forum will bring together an elite of renowned researchers from Tunisia, France, Germany, Egypt …


Construction 4.0 in the post-Covid-19 paradigm
Jeudi 7 octobre 2021



Official Opening, Mr Ridha Fourati, President of the CCIS



Séance1 :
Moderator  Mr Imed Gargouri & Mr Chiheb Zouari 


1st intervention :iDgitization of the building sector (Smart Building ), – The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Building Sector Equipe TELNETT 



2nd intervention : Construction 4.0: Concept and technologies,
Mr Karim BEEDIAR, Doctor of « Ponts et Chaussées » (Bridges and roads), regional R&I manager at CESI and holder of the “City” chair of the future and Circular economy ”CESI-ESSOR. Nantes – France



3rd intervention :Valorization of the Geographic Information System GIS,
M. Mohamed Moncef SARBEJI, ENIS



4th intervention : Architecture after COVID19
M. Adel Hidar, Architecte



Coffee break / Networking



Séance2 :
Moderator Mr Maher Yangui & Mr Mohamed Ali Charfeddine 


1st intervention :
After Covid 19, Building will be different?! Sanitary requirements in sustainable buildings, Imed GARGOURI Director of CEC BioSASciS “Bio-Statistics Applied to Health Sciences” Project Manager VRR-Sabat Sfakys (MES-RS)



2ème intervention : Smart building become industrialized



3rd intervention : Safety in building construction and international standards Mr Chiheb ZOUARI -CNAM, 



4ème intervention :resentation of the Building Information Modeling BIM concepts, 
Mr Amin Massaoud, President of KNX Userclub Tunisia



5th intervention :Presentation of the Building Information Modeling BIM concepts



Testimonials and Success stories
– Modélisation BIM de la banque populaire du Burundi, M. Anis MAHMOUD & M. Safouan AZIZI (AMA Group)
-«Taparura» vers une infrastructure 4.0,
M. Wassim Zouari & M. Ramzi Halouani, Projet Taparura
M. Anis MAHMOUD (AMA Group)



Discussion & Clôture du Forum

  • 14.30H – 17.00H

Libya Day: Libya guest of honor

-Presentation of Libya’s major projects in the presence of Libyan Ministers and high personalities

-Importante delegations of businessmen led by CCIS partner Chambers of Commerce: Tripoli CCI, Missourata CCI and Ben Ghazi CCI

9.30H – 13.00H

Economic Forum  : Reinforcing the partnership between the public side and the private one in the sector of construction and infrastructure.

Presentation of construction and infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Mali, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

14.30H – 17.00H

Cameroun day

– Potential and needs of the Cameroon market in the construction sector


General public day

Closing of the 16th Edition of the MEDIBAT Fair

Pictures MEDIBAT

Forum economique

Forum «Entreprendre en innovant dans le secteur du bâtiment»


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Scientific Forum

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Ikram MAKNI General Manager of CCIS on the air of Express Fm

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16th edition of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition (Hall 1)

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Interview Mme Khouadia Mbaye – Ministre de Sénégal

Interview Boubacer Keita – Banquier

Interview Mr Raymond Chrétien – Associé & Conseiller Stratégique – CANADA

Interview Shirley Li – Mantall


Interview Mme ANGELA

Interview Taieb SAHTOURI – Président de la CCI ANNABA

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Interview Mr Dominique Bourgeois – Manager FORBO Flooring Systems

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