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The Entrepreneurship Forum

                         « Innovate, Take action and Accomplish »        

The slogan of the Entrepreneurship Forum perfectly reflects the orientation of both the organizers of MEDIBAT and the leaders of the Sfax Business Center to the development of the national economy through encouraging the young people to create new projects and to provide employment opportunities.           

The different concerned parts like the structures that help financing the institutions are eager to reach this target.                                                                                The Entrepreneurship Forum will take place over five sessions. The division of the sessions aims at searching deeply the means and the mechanisms of financing the projects and training the developers in the building sector.                        

In the pogram of this forum, there is a presentation of some success stories of a number of institutions. Among the variety of workshops in the program of this   Entrepreneurship Forum, which will be inaugurated by Mrs Saida Lounissi, minister of the Professional Training  and the Employment, there is a workshop devoted to partnership.  


The Entrepreneurship Forum Programm

 « Create, Innovate and Construct in MEDIBAT 2019 »


 Date: Wednesday March, 6th 2019

 Place: The Congress Hall, Sfax

08H30 : Registrating the Participants


– The President’s Statement by Mr Ridha Fourati, President of the CCIS

– The speech of Mrs Ikram Makni, the General Director

– The speech of Mrs Izdihar Daoud, the Regional Director of the Professional Training and the Employment

09H15: The official opening of the Forum by Mrs Saida OUNISSI, Minister of the Professional Training and the Employment

Panel 1 : The Training and the coaching tools and mechanisms for the promotors in the sector of construction

  • The CTMCCV, presented by Mohamed Ghrassalah, The General Director
  • The International Bureau of Labor BIT,
  • The Tunisian Agency of the Professional Training ATFP
  • The National Agency for the Employment and the Independent Labor ANETI

Panel 2 : The Presentation of the projects

  • SOTECA, Presented by Mr Khaled Hakim, DG
  • SIPS
  • SLPI
  • MIG
  • REMAX, Presented by Mr Tarek Thabet, The General Director

Panel 3 : The mechanisms of the funding of the projects

The BFPME, Presented by Mr. Hamdi Ksiaa, the Director of the Assistance, the Identification and the Development.

  • The BTS,
  • ZitounaTamkeen
  • CFE

Panel 4 : Testimonies

 Panel 5 : Opening of the Workshops

* 1st Workshop: Create your own bureau of studies: From the idea to the creation

* 2nd Workshop: TheProject ideas in the sector of construction

* 3rd Workshop: The tools and the training programmes for the young people

*4th Workshop: The funding mechanisms

*5th Workshop Matchmaking B to B (The creation of the representations in the regions)

 13H30 : Closing the workday

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