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Franchise as a lever for development

of the building sector

Edition: 6th Edition

Date: Wednesday 06 October 2021

Place: Congress Hall

The Entrepreneurship Forum will be held on the opening day of the show (October 6) and will have as its central theme “The Franchise as a lever for the development of the Building sector”.

Its program will include a series of presentations to be presented by Tunisian and foreign experts and a series of workshops and B2B meetings between franchisors and future franchisees.


Franchise as a lever for development of the building sector

wednesday 06 / 10 / 2021


8:30 am

Registration of participants



Official opening of the Forum
Speech by Mr Ridha Fourati, President of the CCIS



Panel 1 :Tools and mechanisms for training and coaching offered for developers in the building sector * Professional training for entrepreneurship and job creation in the IMCCV sector: the case of plaster. Presented by Mr Yacine KHEMIRI from CTMCCV & Mr Mohamed BEN ALI from NTCONSULTING
* The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Presented by Mr Omar Bouzouada, CEO of APII
* The National Mines Office, Presented by Mr Khaled Othmen,
* The Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training ATFP
* Mébât Initiative, Presented by Mr Abdelhamid Guesmi Director of the Mahres Training and Learning Center


10h00-10h30 :

Panel 2 :
The Tunisian Context of Franchising in the Construction Sector
* Legal framework of franchising in the building sector in Tunisia, Presented by Maitre Ismail Ben Messaoud, Lawyer
* The role of franchising as a tool in the development of the building sector, Case of France, Presented by Ms. Rose Marie Less, French Federation of Franchise


10:30 am-11:30am:

Panel 3 :
Presentation of franchisors in the building sector
* Remax, Presented by Mr Tarek Thabet, DG
* Wintech, Presented by Mr Slim Jouini, CEO
* A turnkey project”, Presented by Ms. Faten Hathroubi, SIPS
* SOTECA, Presented by Ms. Hana Hakim
* SOIB, Presented by Mr Abdelmalek Ghannem, DG,
* SIKA, Presented by Mr Walid Souai


11:30 am-12:30pm

Panel 4 :
Funding mechanisms for franchise projects
Moderator: Mr Hamdi Ksiaa
* The BFPME, Presented by Mr Hamdi Ksiaa, Director of Assistance, Identification and Development.
* Tamweeli, Presented by Mr Richard Finke
* BTS, Presented by Ms. Amira Hamden
* Baobab Tunisia, Presented by Marwen Ghrabi, Regional Manager on Sfax
* CFE, Presented by Mrs. Sahar Abdelmalek



Panel 5 :
Opening of Workshops and B2B Meetings between franchisors and future franchisees



* Workshop N1: Project ideas in the building sector
انجز مشروعك “مكتب دراسات”: من الفكرة إلى الإنجاز
* Workshop N2: Project ideas in the building franchise sector
ورشة أفكار مشاريع الفرانشيز في قطاع البناء
* Workshop N3: Tools and training programs for young people
برامج و أليات التكوين و التدريب الخاصة بالباعثين الشبان
*Workshop N4: Franchise financing mechanisms اليات و برامج التمويل مشاريع الفرانشيز
*Workshop N5: B to B Matchmaking (Creation of representations in the regions)اليات و برامج التمويل مشاريع الفرانشيز


2:30 p.m.

End of the day


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