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The 15th edition of MEDIBAT, The Mediteranean Fair of the Building, which will take place from 6 to 9 March 2019 in Sfax, will single out the different innovations in the building sector as well as in the related services thanks to the quality of the exhibition and the relevance of the topics of the forums. In fact, a great public of auditors, including  many African delegations, will take part in the Economic Forum of MEDIBAT 2019, which will focus on a topical theme. It’s the partnership between the state and the private sectors.    It’s this partnership that guarantees the missing efficiency in the execution of the of  the reconstruction and the infrastructure projects.                                                                                  

7 African nations will participate in this Economic Forum. They are the Gabon, the Togo, the Cameroun, the Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Ivory Coast and the Kenya. The forum will treat 17 projects ready to be implemented. The projects will be presented by the decision makers of these countries, which will open a wide range of opportunities for making fruitful deals during the fair. This Economic Fair will be chaired by Mr Hatem Ferjani, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in charge of the Economic Diplomacy.

In partnership with:

         The enhancement of the Public –Private–Partnership (P.P.P) in the construction and the infrastructure sector

8 march 2019

09h-09h30 :The official opening of the forum : Mr.Hatem FERJANI, State Secretary in charge of Economic Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Plenary Session 1: Mrs Nejia GHARBI, Vice-President, Deposits and Consignments  Fund. CDC – Tunisia.  

9h30-9h45 : Project 1:Presentation of ECOWAS (CEDEAO) infrastructure projects, Mr. Yankhoba TRAORE, Civil Engineer, Expert Infrastructure Department, Delegate of the Commissioner for Infrastructure Projects, ECOWAS Commission 

09h45-10h: Presentation of the projects in Gabon In the presence of Mr. Jean EudesRégis IMMONGAULTT, the State Minister, Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing(MHUL)

Project 2 : Building and Infrastructure Project in Gabon, Mr. Alexis Brice MAMFOUMBI, Technical Advisor in the Cabinet of the State Minister, MHUL 

10h-10h15:Presentation of the projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Project 3: The construction of new cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, their challenge and the required resolutions, Mr. David KAWEL, Chief Executive Officer City of David Project Development, Ministry of Land Affairs–DRC 

10h15-10h30 :Presentation of the projects in Mali

In presence of Mr. Mohamed Moustapha SIDIBE, Minister of Housing and UrbanismProject 4 :The accomplishment of social housing in Mali, Mr. Assane DIAKITE, Treasury Inspector, Ministry of Housing and Town Planning. 

10h30-10h45 :Presentation of the projects in Cameroun

In presence of Mr.Ahmadou SARDAOUNA, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development(MHDU) 

Project 5:Presentation of projects in Cameroon, Mr.Eimery SIEYOJI DUVAL, Director of the Real Estate Promotion, MHDU

10h45-11h :Presentation of the projects in the Ivory Coast

Projet6 :Presentation of the PPP Building and Infrastructure, Mr. Claude ZONGO, Civil engineer / Technical Advisor in charge oftheproject monitoring, Ministry of Construction, Housing and Town Planning

11h-11h15 :Coffee break

Plenary Session 2: Under the chairmanship of Mrs Nejia GHARBI, Vice-President, Deposits and Consignments Fund. CDC – Tunisia

11h15-11h30 :Project 7: Supervision of Public-Private PartnershipsIn the UEMOA,UEMAO,Mme.KhadyEvelyne Denise NDIAYE, Director of the Private Sector of the UEMOACommission

11h30-11h45 :Presentation of the projects in Senegal 

Project 8 : PPP and Buildings: Ministerial Spheres(In progress)Business Park:construction of headquarters of international organizations, Mr.AlHassaneDIOP,Director of Financingand of the PPP, Ministry of the Promotion of Investments, Partnerships and Development of the State Remote-services. 

11h45-12h: Presentation of the projects in Niger

Project 9 :The reform of the PPP legislative and regulatory framework in Niger, as well as the list of projects to be promoted and implemented in PPP, in the building and infrastructure sector,Mr.Zarami ABBA KIARI,Senior Adviser in the Prime Minister Office and Permanent Secretary of the CAPPP

12h00-12h15 :Presentation ofthe projects in Djibouti

Project 10 :Company of the Real EstateDevelopment of Djibouti, Ministry of Urbanism and Housing

In partnership with:

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  Yankhoba TRAORE
Email : yankhoba66@yahoo.fr
Tél : (234) 816 209 47 86
(221) 77 631 94 21
Ingénieur polytechnicien en Génie civil
Profession : Ingénieur polytechnicien en Génie civil
Date de naissance : 24/10/ 1966
Nombre d’années d’expérience : 25 ans
Nationalité : Sénégalaise
Affiliation à des associations & groupements professionnels : Membre de l’Amicale des
Diplômés de l’Ecole
Polytechnique de Thiès – Sénégal (A.D.E.P.T.)

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  Mamfoumbi Alexis Brice
Capture aaa
  David Ken Kawel
Dte of Birth a:1 November 1966
Nationality :Congolese
Profession : Managing Director
Graduate as an Anaesthesiologist at Lubumbashi University
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Secrétaire Général /Permanent Secretary
Ministère de l’habitat et du développement urbain/
Ministry of housing and urban development
Ingénieur du Génie Civil hors échelle et Ingénieur informatique
Diplôme : Master 2 Génie civil et infrastructures et Master2 Informatique
PHD en science et ingénierie option Gestion des projets
Doctorant en Génie Civil à Ecole Polytechnique Yaoundé

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SIE YOJI D uval Eimery
Date et lieu de naissance : 24 Novembre 1978 à Yaoundé
Nationalité : Camerounaise
Profession : Architecte-Urbaniste DIEAU ;
Numéro d’Inscription au tableau de l’Ordre national des
Architectes de Cameroun (ONAC) : N° 210
Matricule : 717 794 – K
Situation matrimoniale : Marié, Père de trois (03) enfants
Nombres d’années d’expérience : 15 ans
Adresse : 30 780 Yaoundé
Tél. : 694 91 46 55 / 677 89 24 48
Email : siedal@yahoo.fr
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  David Ken Kawel
Dte of Birth a:1 November 1966
Nationality :Congolese
Profession : Managing Director
Graduate as an Anaesthesiologist at Lubumbashi University
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  ZONGO Claude
01 BP 12506 Abidjan 01 côte d’ivoire
Tél.: (+225) 07 06 42 47/ 02 783 783
Email: claude1909@yahoo.fr
•Organisation et gestion des projets Assainissement, BTP et autres;
•Pilotage et monitoring des projets d’envergure publics et privés

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    Mm. Khady Evelyne Denise NDIAYE

Madame Khady Evelyne Denise NDIAYE est titulaire d’un Master 2 en Intelligence économique obtenu
en 2008 à l’Université Toulouse I. De 2008 à 2010, Madame NDIAYE est embauchée
comme Chargé de Mission Veille et Intelligence économique chez Limousin Expansion, l’agence de développement
économique de la région Limousin. Elle occupera ce poste jusqu’en janvier 2010 où elle
intègre un Programme de Jeunes Professionnels à la Commission de l’Union Economique et monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA).

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    Zarami ABBA KIARI
Date et lieu de naissance : Vers 1969 à Fiégo Koura (Département
de Diffa, Commune rurale de Gueskérou)
Nationalité : Nigérienne
Etat civil : Marié, 5 enfants
Profession actuelle : Conseiller Principal au Cabinet du Premier
Contacts : (00227) 96 40 13 78 ; (00227) 90 34 51 86 – Adresse
mail : zaramiabba@yahoo.com