Mr. Michal SZOPA

Product Owner of SIMLAB, Poland

Application and service of Digital Twin in building automation


  1. Digitization of the building industry
    Describing the level of digitalization in relation to the construction sector.
    Duration: ~1 minutes
  2. Digital Twin - a comprehensive source of data
    Comparison and explanation of Digital Twin creation methods (BIM, Laser, Photogrammetry, etc.)
    Duration: ~2 minutes
  3. Example of the use of Digital Twin in the construction process on the example of STAGES software (video)
    Indication of the usefulness of using Digital Twin to improve the quality control process and ongoing communication between entities involved in the investment process.
    Duration: ~2 minutes
  4. Challenges associated with proptech/IoT software
    Main assumptions accompanying the use of IoT systems in buildings
    Duration: ~2 minutes
  5. Solution - SIM-ON property control platform (video)
    Presentation of the Digital Twin as a next-generation interface for controlling IoT KNX devices using KNX 3rd Party API and REST API for building applications.
    Duration: ~3 minutes
  6. The first, official KNX IoTech solution
    Describing how to connect the world's first software solution using KNX 3rd party API
    Duration: ~2 minutes


  1. Integration with other building automation standards
    Showing the possibility of connection with other building automation systems using the NETx server.
    Duration: ~2 minutes
  2. Additional features for facility management
    Demonstration of the possibilities of using Digital Twin in current and everyday property maintenance.
    Duration: ~1 minutesSummary time: 15 minutes