Senior lecturer IPEIS; ENIS

The Intelligent Artificial Intelligence (IA) is in the train of revolutionary sector leaders, without any connection. I offer a powerful and convenient way to improve efficiency, productivity and durability of the devices.
It may be applied to all aspects of the life cycle of a child, such as conception and exploration.

At conception, the IA may be used to optimize energy performance, security and comfort of babies. It can also be used to create 3D models due to installations, which allows architects and engineers to test different designs and identify effective problems during construction.
In construction, the IA can be used to automatize certain touch screens, tell you the security plan, stock gesture and security. It can also be used to improve the quality of the clothes and remove the coats.
In exploitation, the IA can be used to cover gas, ventilation and climate systems (CVC), security and equipment. It can also be used to collect and analyze donations on player performances, which allows you to identify the opportunities for use.
We offer a certain number of advances for the battery section, noting:
One more effective way: the IA can automate certain touch screens, which allows you to edit certain times and sources for touch screens.
• A better productivité: The IA peut optimizes the process, which allows you to improve the productivité.
One of the most difficult ones: the IA can be used to improve the energy performance of the batteries, which contributes to reducing the gas emissions to the effect of the service.
A better security: The IA can be used to improve the security of the devices, and to detect powerful risks and prenant corrective measures.
It is an emerging technology, and there is a certain device number at the end for the application in the battery section. This comprennent device:
La disponibilité des données: l'IA nécessite de larges quantités de données pour fonctionner efficacement.
L'évolutivité: The IA does not have the ability to adapt to changes, so that the evolution of revolutions or technologies.
Acceptance by users: IA should be accepted by users, which may include any advances.