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The Village of Innovation 

This new activity in the general program of MEDIBAT2019  will serve as a showcase of the innovations in the building sector. The Village of the Innovation consists of a workshop space for the new projects and the new ideas in the construction sector.These workshops of the innovation will be furnished by a set of communication sessions, which will be led by a set of researchers and investors as well as financiers and experts.  

Circles of Innovation MEDIBAT 2019

6 March 2019

14h45-15h Welcome remarks of the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ikram Makni, General Director

Welcome remarks of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Samia Charfi Kaddour, General Director of Research Valorisation

15h – 15h 45 Sustainable and local management of water
Ahmed Ghrabi, GM Research and Water Technologies Center, Borj Cedria TechnopoleLatifa Bousselmi / Hanene Akrout, Research and Water Technologies Center, Borj Cedria Technopole

Mahfoudh Menjili, Agronomist, Embassy of Switzerland,    SONEDE representativeMohamed Abid, Sfax Digital Research Center, Sfax Technopole

15h45-16h30 Thermal building, energetic efficiency, renewable energies and ecological materials
  Chiheb Bouden, ENIT Pr (former minister)Mohamed Zied Gannar, (TBC)ANME

Issam Smaali , CEO (TBC) Wattnow

Habib Sammouda, Energy Materials Laboratory, ESST Hammam Sousse

Ahmed Jelidi, Civil Engineering Laboratory,ENIT

Riadh Zouari, Laboratory Textile Engineering, ISET Ksar Hellal

Mounir Jaouadi , Laboratory Textile Engineering, ISET Ksar Hellal

16h30-17h15 The House of the Future : smart house, connected buildings, Internet of Things
  Amin Chouaieb, CHIFCO (TBC) founder

Firas Karoui, U accelerator, Home automation Robot and Industrial monitoring robot

Salem Mabrouki, Department of Civil Engineering, ISET Sfax

Neila Mhiri, Design Department, ISAMS


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